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We will continue to promote a FAMILY and BUSINESS location where both can access the Internet, whether you have a Laptop or use one of our Computers.

Internet Location
Car Rental Agency
Harmony Suites, opposite the
Rex St. Lucian Hotel, Rodney Bay

Opening Hours
Monday -Thursday 8 am - 6 pm
Friday 8 am — 5 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday & Holidays 8:30 am — 1 pm

Tel: (758) 458-4293
Fax: (758) 458-0837 Cell: 758 384-0298 / 285-2183

It is our aim to provide the best environment and services for all of your needs. In addition to having well trained employees we can also offer you efficient service.

  • International Phone Calls – we have telephones for you to call friends and family back home no matter which country they are in.
  • Cellular phone rentals
  • Voipcheap access
  • 1800 number Calls
  • SKYPE Net work
  • Internet Access – our internet cafe has a number of computers waiting to allow you to access the cyber world of the internet with a High speed DSL connection.
  • Printing – We offer high quality printing in either black and white or color.
  • Photocopying – If you have any documents you require copies of we have Photocopying machines available.
  • Scanning – We can scan documents enabling you to save them on to a computer and sent them via email.
  • Faxing – We are able to send and receive faxes to all destinations worldwide.
  • CD Burning – We are able to burn your digital photos onto a CD making it easy to send your photos via email to people, additionally we can burn data CD’s. This is a great way to free space on your digital camera’s memory card.