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Rain Forest Adventure Park Aerial Tram

Located in an ecological park, 2,000 feet high into the mountains aboard an open-air gondola, a 90-minute journey in an eight-person gondola with a naturalist guide offers spectacular views of one of St. Lucia's truly mature Caribbean oceanic rainforests. The open-air gondolas climb safely and silently through and over the treetops, offering a magical view of nature in its majesty. The descent affords another impressive view of the forest and a spectacular panoramic vista of the north of the island. For guests interested in the optional 20-minute nature walk on the fern trail, please wear proper footwear.

Rainforest Park Canopy Zipline Adventure

Fly through the air with the greatest of ease and high above lush tropical foliage and spectacular island views on a thrilling zip line adventure. Guests receive a short orientation as well as a harness system, helmets and gloves. Specially trained guides stay with the group throughout the course. The zip line ride consists of a system of integrated cables, pulleys and riggings to make sure you get not only a maximum thrill but also the best views. You'll fly through the canopy on 12 zip lines in all, including the island's longest (up to 800 feet) and highest (up to 150 feet) above the forest's floor, as well as two net bridges. There is time to take in the unique panoramic views and wildlife between zips.

What you will see along the way:

From high in the sky, you'll be dazzled by the dense vegetation and dramatic flowering plants that bring the rainforest to life. Discover knotted and twisting woody vines winding to the tops of the trees. Dense thickets of vegetation merge with cascades of flowering trees such as lavender stars, orange bursts, yellow berries, and white lace. Giant "chatannier," magnolia, and gommier trees tower over the landscape and provide food and shelter for many of the rainforest's inhabitants. Keep a lookout for agoutis on the ground and St. Lucia's endemic and endangered parrot, the jacquot, flying through the air.


After your exhilarating tour, you'll return to base camp to swap stories and enjoy some refreshments.


A small rainforest-themed gift shop sells mementos of the day.

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